Online Presence &
ABY Campus

Our Online Presence and ABY Campus

Hope Christian School (HCS) is a grade one through grade twelve Christian school. The school is committed to meeting both the academic and spiritual needs of its students. Our school office is located in Champion, Alberta, and we offer a full Christian education online through Hope Online as well as a traditional home education program through Hope at Home.

Prairie Land Online Academy provides an alternative to standard Online Education. This online offering is focused on high quality Alberta education through an engaging online community which focuses on caring relationships.

Three schools, Altario, Berry Creek Community School and Youngstown have been designated as a single campus for high school instruction. Delivery of various courses occurs through video conferencing which allows for greater access to subject expertise. Our common campus model (ABY Campus), has begun to flourish and demonstrates that the use of video-conferencing is not a second rate form of education, but rather one that parallels and at times surpasses the traditional classroom and school model. These schools have experienced a continued higher rate of academic achievement than their traditional counterparts as identified by diploma exam marks.

Common timetabling is a goal in all Prairie Land Schools, the idea being that students who are unable to find a face to face learning situation in a specific subject in their own school will have the opportunity to join a class elsewhere in the division through video conference. Classes are offered in both true video conference settings as well as Google Meet. The use of the Google Classroom is basically standard across the division and ensures a reliable and consistent platform for student learning.